Tribal town is a location in the New World, east of Fjohor and west of New Praven and Coiba (colonizeable lands). It is full of deadly traps, hostile natives, including powerful Yalateni tribesmen, and precious loot - gemstones and artifacts.


Natives may be savage and uncivilised, but they are surely able to set deadly traps. These traps look like pits with spikes on their bottom. If you touch a spike, you will get a lot of damage and die. Oddly, spikes placed on open ground are still able to kill you. If you get killed, either by traps or by natives, leave and re-enter the location. Your health will be restored.

Native inhabitantsEdit

You may see a few armed natives walking around - try not to approach them. If you do, they will draw their weapons and attack you. They may seem weak, but in big numbers they can easily owerwhelm you, or you may fall into a trap and die while fighting them. Shooting them while they are unalarmed may be the best bet. If you visit the town for farming experience, try walking around the location and finding some more natives, and remember that you can always leave and re-enter, and they will respawn!


The main purporse of visiting this location is surely the precious loot you can get here - gemstones and different artifacts. The town itself is behind your spawn. Watch out for natives walking around and spikes on the ground. In the town there are two types of houses - bigger ones with one door and smaller ones with two doors in the opposite walls. In some bigger houses there are chests that contain three or four bits of precious loot, each worth quite a few florins.



Location of the Tribal town

Natives are immune to spike traps

Native stuck in a spike trap, seems he is immune to it

Town itself

The town itself

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