Nova Aetas Warband Mod Wiki

Trading is one of the major ways to make money in Mount and Blade, and Nova Aetas is no exception. However, things are a bit more difficult in this mod, with the introduction of Item Rarity, as well as the fact that any cities not of your religion will increase the prices of anything bought from the goods merchant. This means that you should focus on trading within nations of your religon, and not any other. The penalties for trading in a city not of your religion can be downright sadistic, and make you lose hundreds of Florins! Small kingdoms are forced to seek their fortunes in war by plundering and razing settlements.

However, much of the goods system has remained intact. If you wish to become a trader, the first skill that you should seek to increase (or find a companion to increase it for you instead) is Trade. Trade reduces the penalty for buying and selling, allowing you to buy for cheaper, and sell for more!

When buying and selling, always look for towns that have an excess of something. For instance, Tihres has an abundance of Salt. Curaw produces Iron. Veluca produces Olives. If you buy at these locations, you will find their prices much cheaper than anywhere else, assuming that you are their religon!

The base prices for goods are as follows:

Trade Good Base Price (Florins)
Sugar 800
Sable Furs 1800
Gold 2000
Tobacco 1200
Coffee 1500
Cotton 900
Ivory 1600
Cacoa 1300
Silver 1500
Spice 880
Salt 255
Oil 450
Pottery 100
Flax Bundle 150
Linen 250
Wool 130
Wool Cloth 175
Raw Silk 600
Dyes 200
Velvet 2025
Iron 264
Tools* 410
Hides 120
Leatherwork 220
Date Fruit 120
Furs 391
Cloths 200
Fine Silk 800
  • Note that Tools are also needed for construction!

The rule of thumb is to buy for less than the base price, and sell for more. However, one thing you should note is by buying one of the item, you increase the price for all of the rest. Make sure what you are buying or selling is still good to sell!