The Medieval society was divided in classes. The lower class works on the land, the middle class exists of craftsmen and merchants, the higher class earns wealth trough trade and rents and the nobility owns huge amounts of lands and castles.  

Prestige ingame determines your social position. You start as Freeman, the lowest class of all. It is important for you to remember that the mod is revolved around prestige. If you're part of the lower class, go cut down trees, mine stone or work on a farm. Escape the pitiful poverty by applying to an apprenticeship at the Guild. Work hard and make a masterpiece and start your own enterprise. This is the way to enter the middle class. As citizen you can try to earn more income by setting up enterprises and renting out residences. The nobility class is available for vassals of the monarch. Construct buildings in towns and villages to increase your prestige and get a better nobility title. Some people start a colony first, but this means you'll become king instantly and have to deal with both town and kingdom management. I advice you to follow the social ladder for maximal gameplay. Each culture ingame has its own unique noble ranks. Become a Acztaoc Crocodile or Rhodok Barone.  


Prestige Points can be gained by:

  • Cutting wood in forests (+3)
  • Harvesting wheat at your farm (+1)
  • Mining stone at quarries (+3)
  • Building in villages and towns (20 - 300)
  • Restoring ruins (+200 - 500)
  • Attending banquets/feasts as mayor of a town (+25)
  • Executing or releasing prisoners after a battle (+1 and +2 per prisoner respectively)
  • Upon buying residence (random)
  • Renting residence (renting value/100; added at weekly report)
  • Being guildmember and Guildhall is upgraded (+50)
  • Completing construction of a castle (+100)
  • Upon upgrading village church (+20)
  • You become a nobleman upon joining as vassal [v2.0 feature]
  • Guildhall upgrade (3x +200 per town)
  • Budget profit (+5 Prestige per 1,000 Fl. Profit), but only if you're part of the middle or higher class (v4.0 only).

Prestige Points can be lost by:

  • Letting prisoners go with only their underwear left after a battle
  • Acquiring the Proud Hearted trait where the player can lose up to 100 Prestige Points in return for +1 Prestige Points per week.
  • Budget debt (-5 Prestige per 1,000 Fl. debt), but only if you're part of the middle or higher class (v4.0 only).

Increase in class immediately by:

  • Joining as vassal (instant nobility title)
  • Applying for apprenticeship (labourer, v4.0 only)
  • Finishing masterpiece (craftsman)