Looters: Looters are the weakest of the criminal enemies. They are never mounted and have little if any ranged ability. Looters in Nova Aetas are significantly better equipped for melee than in native. Most wear basic armor, such as Agonic Pikemen armor, and wield maces or falchions. They are indeed far more challenging than the Native looters, but are nevertheless easy to dispatch.

Mountain, Taiga, and Forrest bandits (Taiga found in NE near Vageirs, Forrest mostly central with Swadians, Mountain mostly SW with Rhodoks): Mountain, Taiga, and Forrest bandits are a step up from Looters. (each group varies only a little) While lightly armored and also not usually mounted, they can be initially difficult to fight alone since many of them will be carrying bows in addition to their melee weapons. It is recommended that you face these types of criminals with a decent party of at least 10.

Sea Raiders/Pirates (Mostly along north shore of map): Sea raiders or pirates have medium Nordic armor and helmets. They prefer melee and throwing axes though some have bows, short spears, or Nordic swords. They are never mounted and so can be easily out maneuvered. They have a limited number of throwing weapons and so can be circled until they run out. They are highly effective in melee combat, but offer valuable loot in their weaponry and armor.

Steepe Bandits (Found in SE with Kergits and Sarrinds): Steepe bandits are always mounted on light steepe horses. Many are horse archers, have light melee weapons and light armor. While they are deadly as horse archers, missile weapons or other cavalry can easily deal with them.

Cathar Extremists: Cathar Extremists are radical holy knights who attack anyone. They are situated in Swadia and are often found patrolling near near the forests around Ibaeran. Their hideout is called a Cathar Castle which usually appears in these forests. They are always mounted on black warhorses, have heavy armor/helmets, and carry greatswords. Some also carry crossbows that can be used on horseback. They are very dangerous, especially to low level players. However, missiles and anti-cavalry infantry together is highly effective against them, as they have no shields. Their looted armor and weaponry can also give powerful boons early on.

Deserters (varies by location): Deserters are made up of the army troops of they area they originate from. They often don't wander too far afield from their nation of origin but it's not unheard of. Deserters are often all of one kind of troop such as all footmen or all archers, so with the correct strategy can usually be dealt with (charge and crust the archers, ranged vs footmen). Deserters give loot consistent with their troop type.

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