The Kingdom of Swadia is a country ruled by King Cedrus dominated by plains and forests. The capital City is Praven. The country is famed for its knights and generally decent quality soldiers.

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History Edit

In the aftermath of the collapse of the ancient Calradian empire, one of the most powerful nation states to emerge was the Swadian empire. This empire comprised of territories which covered half the continent, including territories from the modern day Nordic Union, Vaegir Tsardom and the entirety of the kingdoms of Swadia, Rhodoks and the merchant Republic of Zendar.

Eventually, the Rhodokians rebelled, gaining their independence and the nords invaded from across the sea. By the time king Harlaus I ascended the throne, the nation was an empire no longer but a kingdom limited to a central region of the cities of Praven, Uxkhal and Dhirim as well as their outlying castles and villages.

Over the next two centuries, the Kingdom fought a series of wars between its neighbours which led to the loss of Dhirim to the Vaegir Tsardom, the conquest (or reconquest) of Tihr from the Nordic Union and a brutal 3 year siege by the Rhodokians leading to the destruction of the city of Uxkhal, the death of king Harlaus II on the battlefield, the loss of his fabled sword and the founding of the modern city of Aldeburgh by the survivors of this atrocity.

To this day, the kingdom lasts at the forefront of the nations of Calradia.

Geography Edit

The country is bordered by the Kingdom of Rhodoks to the south, the Vaegir Tsardom to the east and the Nordic Union to the north-east.

The border between the kingdoms of Rhodoks and Swadia is made clear by a river border running along most of the Rhodoks' northern border.

The kingdom encompasses the cities of Praven, Aldeburgh and Tihr as well as numerous outlying castles and villages.

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