The Kingdom of Rhodoks is a mountainous kingdom ruled by king Agostino. The capital city is Jelkala. It is renowned for its crossbowmen and spearmen, The state religion is Christianity.

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History Edit

The kingdom gained independence from the Kingdom of Swadia several hundred years prior and the Merchant Republic of Zendar in turn seceded from the kingdom relatively recently. The kingdom has had many wars with the Sarranid Sultanate and Swadia over the course of history and in one was partly responsible for the complete destruction of the Swadian city of Uxkhal.

Geography Edit

The kingdom is located to the south west of Calradia and borders the Kingdom of Swadia to the north, the merchant Republic of Zendar to the south, the Sarranid Sultanate to the South-East and the Khergit Khanate to the North East.

The border between the Kingdoms of Rhodoks and Swadia is made clear by a river border running along most of the Rhodoks' northern border.

The kingdom encompasses the cities of Yalen, Veluca and Jelkala as well as numerous castles and villages.

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