Intro Edit

There are four types of management in-game, Kingdom management being the hardest.  Kingdom management mechanics include: tax, religious uniformity, balance of power, technological research, debts.

Leader Title

When managing a kingdom, you can choose leader title (King, Sultan, Sjah, Antipope, Tsar, …).   Every title has its own ‘crown’, given to player upon decision.  The title will affect culture base your kingdom will be based on (ie ‘King’ title will grant the Swadian culture group, ‘Sultan’ will give you access to desert troops, ‘Prince’ to Rhodok culture).

Banner / Color

Choose kingdom banner and kingdom colour


As king, you can give vassalage to your companions, thus allowing them to have their own army.

Your relationship with vassals will fade away over time, keep them happy by granting titles and giving letters of approval to avoid them defecting to other kingdoms

Rebalance power

Rebalance the various powers in your kingdom to gain access to unique bonuses or penalties.




Increases Religious Uniformity, reduces corruption


Larger army for every lord, proclaiming edicts easier


(Large) income boosts


Appoint people for the council (diplomat, steward, treasurer, court chaplain)



Chancellor / Grand Vizier

* Appoint councilors

* Change banner and kingdom color

* Proclaim edicts


* Dispatch an emissary to maintain diplomatic relations with other kingdoms


*Grant titles to your vassals (Earl, Udelniy Knyaz, Sheik, Duke, …)

* Improve relations with your vassals

* Keep track on technological research (see Technological Advancement for information on tiers and bonuses).

Treasurer / Tax Assessor

* Repay kingdom debts

* Invest in trade

* Invest in the kingdom

* Set King’s Purse (your salary)

* Donate to kingdom treasury

* Get financial information

Court Chaplain / Court Imam

* Increase Religious Uniformity (assigns Head Inquisition, spend gold, grant privileges to clergy).  

* Pray (for personal use)

* Economical mechanics:

Tax - Towns are great sources for tax income, castles are not and villages a little

Trade Tariffs - Villages provide greatly to trade. However trade can collapse during wartime

Commoner Gifts - Give power to the commoners and they will be grateful

State Expenditures - As your kingdom grows, you will face costs

Research Investment - Really important to get access to best troops

King’s Purse - Your own salary

Noble’s Purses - You will pay for noble titles too

Councilors salaries - You will pay salaries for councilors like the steward

Interest 5% - You will pay interest for debts, created during a deficit

Corruption - Depends on King’s Purse, if you grab, everyone will grab, Keep clergy at power to reduce this