* Influence Points are points you can gain from lords, invest these points in return of some AI actions!

*Get influence points by:

- Bribing

- Donating money

- Buy a gift and give it (the better your trade skill, the less it costs)

- Persuading (most effective and increased skill = increased chance)

- You get influence weekly. Amount depends on your class and religion strength

* Spend your Influence Points to lords

- Let lord follow player

- Let lord follow someone

- Increase your relation with lord

- Join faction – even if your current faction is at war

- Order him to raid an enemy village!

- Order him to return to a town

- Influence him to attack a party

- Control him to siege a town!

* Order lords of your faction and… foreign lords! They take more Influence Points to control. You can even control enemy lords if you want! But they take 3x standard amount of Influence

*Points to control. The only lords who cannot be influenced are faction leaders

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