Intro Edit

The game is designed to reflect the medieval world of Europe. Social classes were very important. People of the lower class have to work hard on the land. They can apply at the Guild to learn craftsmanship and gain prestige. But the Guild does not allow all people to come in and ruin the economy of the town. In fact the Guild didn't allow anyone to join a profession, except for the sons of the current craftsmen. This way they could secure a steady economy, flow of goods and prices. In times of desperate need of craftsmen such as after the Great Fire of London they had to allow more people to join and allow craftsmen such as carpenters from other towns to help rebuild London. 

The downside of the Guilds were that they heavily influenced the lives of people. Prices were fixed, flow of goods overseen and more. Benefits were the care of people by the Guild. If you needed a loan, horse or just help they would happily assist you. Sick craftsmen could enjoy aid and the elderly a pension. The Industrial Revolution would ruin the profitability of handicraft making the craftsmen workers in factories. The life of such people greatly impoverished at this time resulting in the labor unions and ideologies of the 20th century. 

All interactions are done through the Guildmaster.

Becoming Member Edit

The game reflects the historical medieval Guilds. Mighty as they were! But for gameplay purposes you can become member of a profession Guild. But expect to work hard! Firstly you start as member of the Peasantry. The lowest of lowest classes. You're expected to work on the land (farms), cut trees for timber or work in the dark mines for stone and ores. If you want to escape the poverty that comes along with this class, apply at the Guild for apprenticeship. Ask for apprenticeship and create a masterpiece to be allowed to join the Guild. 

Masterpiece Edit

Come back everyday to you workplace to increase your chance to succeed in making a masterpiece. Every day you work as apprentice, increases chance of making a masterpiece by 3%. You can try to make your masterpiece at any time. Upon successfully creating your masterpiece you can finally set up an enterprise and be the Master yourself. Now you can craft goods. The goods can be sold for 20% profit directly due to fixed prices offered by the Guild (calculation: costs of goods + 20% of final buying price). You can also choose to keep the item.

Benefits Edit

As member of the Guild you have unique access to the intern market. Look here to buy semigoods and rare items.

Donate to Guildmaster for new, better residence and get Prestige Points (Guildhall upgrade: 3x +200 Prestige per town). Other members donate as well, over time there will be enough funds

Upon completing apprenticeship, you become craftsman (social class)

Notes Edit

  • Up to 4 different scenes for Guildhall
  • Sell your created masterpiece for money