Ruler Faction Religion
Acztaoc Empire Tlatoani Xocoyotzin Tengriism
Agonic Order Grandmaster Adinicus Christianity
Khergit Khanate Ulagchi Khan Tengriism
Kingdom of Noregr King Olaf Forkbeard Norse Paganism
Kingdom of Rhodoks King Agostino Christianity
Kingdom of Swadia King Cedrus Christianity
Merchant Republic of Zendar Doge Alvisse Giustinian Christianity
Nordic Union King Haakon VI Magnusson Christianity
Sarranid Sultanate Sultan Abdulhamid Islam
Turguhn Horde Turguhn Ter Vat Khan Tengriism
Vaegir Tsardom Tsar Feodor II Atheism
Mithradian Empire Emperor Constantinus Christianity
Papal State Pope Gregory XVIII Christianity

Neutral enemies

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