There was a time rumors were spread. Rumors about a great realm in the north-east. A realm, barbaric, bloodthirsty and pagan! A Christian lord, named Prusenus I gathered materials to build a fortress at the southern end of the Ismerian Mountains. Drachenburg is the name of this fortress. This bulwark was meant as a defense fort against the pagans. Construction began in the year 1260. Construction was completed in 1275.

Drachenburg is a unique grand castle with its own architecture

Great Siege of Drachenburg in 1327 Edit

52 years after the completion of Drachenburg, the Great Siege of Drachenburg occurred. It began a few months before when the Khan Yarakai of the Khergits brought together a grand army of five thousand soldiers! All beacons on the Ismerian Mountains were lit immediately. One so fast that they almost burned down the whole beacon. The Khan lost a fifth of his army due to plagues, food shortages and desertion. In July he crossed the river Adrinicon. It was a great miracle that Christian lords could send enough soldiers to defend the castle.

Though outnumbered with two Khergits against one Agonic soldier, the siege lasted five months. During the last month they got managed to conquer the first level. We retreated to the second level. But to no avail. Those pagan barbarians destroyed the walls of the second level of the Fortress and entered. We retreated again, this time to the heavily damaged buildings themselves. At that specific time, a great miracle happened. Yarakai, Khan of all Khergits fell in battle. According to barbarian tradition, the Khergits lords have to return to their capital to elect a new leader. The castle was heavily damaged and many good soldiers; Ritterbrueder, Dienebrueder died. Drachenburg is rebuilt, this time with bricks. Since then, the Khergit Khanate is struggling with their own people. But rumors are spread again about another, last campaign to finish the conquest of Drachenburg.  

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