Companions are much as they are in vanilla; each of them have their unique traits, others do not. Some are special, others are mere level 1s. Each one, however, can be trained into skillful surgeons, or powerful soldiers. Each companion requires an amount to hire them, and each one starts with some basic skills.

In game terms, each of the companions in Nova Aetas is just one of the native companions, reskinned and redone. They have retained all of their skills and speeches, with the only difference being their looks and place in the lore.

Nova Aetas Name Vanilla Name


Nisaria Nizar
Matheld Matheld
Quinius Artimenner
Cedric Lezalit
Loreena Katrin
Seraphina Klethi
Theodwin Alayen
Jejayra Ymira
Aeric the Navigator Baheshtur
Catherine Deshavi
Terrin Bunduk First aid: 2

Tactics: 1

Gregors Borcha Tracking: 3

Path-finding: 3

Spotting: 2

Rolfin Rolf
Marnas Marnid
Firentis Firentis
Jeremus the Monk Jeremus


The character Aeric the Navigator is the discoverer of the new world.

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