Numpad 1 : Rage, +5 Power strike, +5 Power throw, +5 Agility, lasts for 2xStrength sec, requires 14 Strength

Numpad 2 : Focus, +10xIntelligence to weapon proficiencies, +5 Agility, lasts for 2xIntelligence sec, requires 14 Intelligence 

Numpad 3 : Sprint, +7 Athletics, +15 Agility, lasts for 2xAgility seconds, requires 14 Agility 

Numpad 4 : Whistly For Horse, call a horse to come to you, more than one with higher Charisma, requires 14 Charisma 

Numpad 5 : First Aid, treat your immediate wounds to recover 3xFirstAid+Intelligence hitpoints, requires 14 Intelligence 

Numpad 6 : Inspire Troops, rally your wounded troops to fight and recover 3xLeadership+Charisma percent of their hitpoints 

Numpad 7 : Morale Shock, unleash a fearsome cry to terrify weaker oppnents around you 

Numpad 8 : Taunt, attract the attention of your enemies, more with higher charisma 

Numpad 9 : Defensive Wall, Consume your gabions to place a defensive structure, you look position will determine the position 

All combat abilites can be used every 60 seconds in battle  

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