To start you will need to create a Construction Site.  You do this from your camp action menu.  The player is able to build 6 castles in total.

Once you've created a construction site you can start adding materials to the site. 

A castle needs:

  • Timber: 60
  • Stone: 80
  • Tools: 30

You can hire up to 100 workers for each construction site. 

The production tiers for each number of workers goes like this: 

  • 0-10 Workers 0 units p/w 
  • 20-30 Workers 1 unit p/w 
  • 40 Workers 2 units p/w 
  • 50-60 Workers 3 units p/w 
  • 70-80 Workers 4 units p/w 
  • 90 Workers 5 units p/w 
  • 100 workers 6 units p/w 

Every labourer costs 80 Florins per week as payment.  You start out paying 800 Florins per 10 labourers. This is viewable and substracted during the weekly budget overview. You cannot use slaves for production. 

After you finish adding all necessary resources, you'll need to wait a couple of days. A message will pop up later saying that your castle has finished building, after which you are able to enter it. 

In v2.0 however you have to finish construction manually.. This can be done by a simple menu option at the construction site. 

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