The Agonic Order is a self-governing order only loyal to His Holiness the Pope. Adinicus is the Grandmaster of the Agonic Order. Drachenburg castle is the headquarter of the Order.

The state religion is christianity.

Their main goals are aiding Christians on their pilgrimages to Holy Places, establishing hospitals and fighting the infidels. They may also call a Crusade to Hierosolyma .

Since the Khergit Khanate invaded the lands, they pose a major threat to the people, living west and south of the Ismerian Mountains . The Knights of the Order are the Order's best forces to prevent both the heathen Khergits and Sarranids from conquering Christian lands.

See Agonic Order Troop Tree

Location and Geography Edit

The order borders the Khergit Khanate to the South-East, the Kingdom of Swadia to the west and the Vaegir Tsardom to the north. The order controls two castles and their outlying villages.

Agonic Beacons Edit

When enemies planned to launch an invasion, beacons in the Mountains were lit. At the end of this line, below the mountains, stands the great Tower of Istmur . This is the beacon of Drachenburg. When this beacon is lit, all people will immediately equip themselves with weapons and armor and prepare the coming fight!

There are 7 beacons in the mountains which can be lit. Light one of these and all beacons will be lit. Lighting beacons requests temporary troops to help you during the campaign (at the cost of Renown ), which disappear after a week.

Light a medium fire to request 10 troops, light a big fire to request 50 troops.

Notes Edit

This Christian faction is based on the Teutonic Order, Minas Tirith (LOTR) and Hohenzollern Castle

New troops with unique Teutonic / Crusader armour, weapons and horses:

  • Agonic Recruit
  • Militia
  • Pikeman
  • Halbbruder
  • Dismounted Ritterbruder
  • Archer
  • Ismerian Crossbowman
  • Prusenian Sharpshooter
  • Diendebruder
  • Ritterbruder
  • Knight of Christ