The Acztaoc Empire is a faction south west of Calradia and ruled by Tlatoani Xocoyotzin. It's capital is Aztlan.


The Acztaocs are considered rather primitive, because their weapons and tools are made of stone and wood and they do not know how to tame horses. They worship the sun and build enormous temples to honour him.

Some say they sacrifice men at those temples to please the sun, but no one can confirm this. The Acztaoc faction is a rather hostile one. They have the ideology to always be at war. War brings slaves and slaves can be sacrified to their gods, the sun in particular.

When colonists come and settleddown, they always turn hostile to them.

Little is known about the Acztaoc Empire because they speak another language.

An alternate history to this can be found in Blackwater's '[Diary of the new world][1]' tab in the nova aetas forum.

The acztaoc empire is based on the Aztec empire in real life.

Army Composition & EquipmentEdit

Acztaoc troops are equiped with inferior weapons, but can still be dangerous. It fits a good commander to view their stats and arms.


The Acztaoc army consists mainly of peasants, bowmen and infantry troops like Warrior Priests, Eagle Warriors, Jaguar Warriors and assisted by heavy troops like the Temple Guards and Shorn Ones.

The troops have a lack of proper equipment, although obsidian can be sharp enough to cut through flesh, and compensate this by having excellent combat skills. It is a war faction after all.

The troops have a decent skill in Ironflesh, Power Strike and Shield.


The Acztaocs weapons are primitive, made of wood and sharp obsidian. Their troops are equiped with the so-called Maquahuitl, Tepoztopilli and other obsidian spears/cleavers.

The Maquahuitl weapon is historically used and is derived from the Aztec Nahuatl language. It's sides are embedded with prismatic blades made from obsidian, a volcanic glass stone which is actually sharper than any metal because it is a volcanic glass.

Like the Maquahuitl, the Tepoztopilli has a historical meaning as well. It was a common front-line weapon of the Aztec military. The tepoztopilli is a pole-arm edged with razor-sharp obsidian blades which are deeply set in grooves carved into the head and cemented in place with bitumen or plant resin as an adhesive.This weapon has a superior reach but blows need to be carefully executed.

Acztaoc shields are made primarily of wood and decorated with feathers. They do not require further information.

Acztaoc Empire Troop Tree